Alfresco Ansible 1.1 - Release Notes

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Alfresco Ansible 1.1 - Release Notes

Alfresco Employee
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Alfresco Ansible playbook provides al alternative deployment for the ACS 7.1 platform.

Additional documentation is available in

This is an Open Source project, source code is available in


Release notes for Alfresco Ansible 1.1

  • Adds support for Ubuntu distribution 18.04 & 20.04
  • Adds support for ACS 7.1 and related components
  • Adds support for SSL reverse proxy configuration

Detailed change log

OPSEXP-1108 Share throws repeated cache size errors at startup when installed with ansible playbook.

OPSEXP-1103 Missing ADW zip artifacts on Nexus

OPSEXP-1100 Ubuntu 20.04 does not have appropriate transformers dependencies installed

OPSEXP-886 "Enable EPEL repo" task breaks playbook execution on redhat systems when a target have the transformer plus repo or search

OPSEXP-881 tasks delegated to localhost introduces unwanted requirements

OPSEXP-865 Move all hard-coded ports to default variables on roles

OPSEXP-831 Ansible playbook build is passing Nexus credentials to the localhost community job

OPSEXP-830 Investigate why deploying on a RedHat machine created in Azure did not work

OPSEXP-829 Playbook fails if ADW is not on the same host as nginx proxy and SElinux is enabled (by default it is)

OPSEXP-813 Playbook fails deploying on machines with firewalld enabled

OPSEXP-783 a bad mix of async tasks and when conditions lead unusable playbook

OPSEXP-948 Upgrade ACS Ansible Playbooks to 7.1

OPSEXP-835 ACS Ansible Playbook Feedback

OPSEXP-1104 Fix SSl deployments done with Ansible playbook

OPSEXP-850 Provide support for HTTPS/SSL

OPSEXP-818 Revisit the way services are handled

OPSEXP-697 Blog post to announce the Ansible playbook

OPSEXP-969 update ansible playbook to fix several openjdk vulns

OPSEXP-931 Release Ansible Playbooks 1.1

OPSEXP-924 Document Ansible Deployment on Confluence

OPSEXP-904 We need to have more control over the version of ansible we use for testing

OPSEXP-903 Update Tomcat in Ansible for vulnerability

OPSEXP-896 Make the playbook able to deploy ACS7 enterprise on ubuntu 18.04

OPSEXP-890 make the playbook able to deploy ACS 7.0 community on ubuntu 18.04

OPSEXP-889 make the playbook able to deploy ACS6.2 enterprise on ubuntu 18.04

OPSEXP-888 make the playbook able to deploy ACS7 community on ubuntu 20.04

OPSEXP-882 Add and test ACS Ansible deployment behind proxy server

OPSEXP-849 Update generated README.txt to point to official docs rather than GitHub

OPSEXP-848 Use default options where specific .yml files are not required.

OPSEXP-847 Change base URLs for Nexus

OPSEXP-846 Update to latest version of Ansible

OPSEXP-650 HTTPS protocols should be treated correctly in property files


Thanks to @alxgomz for that great release!

About the Author
Angel Borroy is Hyland Developer Evangelist. Over the last 15 years, he has been working as a software architect on Java, BPM, document management and electronic signatures. He has been working with Alfresco during the last years to customize several implementations in large organizations and to provide add-ons to the Community based on Record Management and Electronic Signature. He writes (sometimes) on his personal blog He is (proud) member of the Order of the Bee.