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Alfresco Certification Update

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The Alfresco Certification program has been running since October 2011, and in that time more than 400 of you have become Alfresco Certified professionals. Congratulations, and if you’re one of a small number of people who have yet to receive your certificate and badge, these will be on their way to you in early 2013.

On 30th November we updated the certification exams with changes to both the syllabus and content:

  • All items have been updated for Alfresco version 4, and new ones introduced to cover new functionality in version 4 such as Solr indexing and Activiti Workflow.

  • The number of questions in each exam has been reduced from 80 to 60, reflecting feedback from non-native English speakers who requested extra time to understand what each question was asking. Reducing the number of questions should also allow for additional review time at the end of the paper. This change will not compromise the exams’ integrity, since a 70% pass mark is still required, and the level of questions will remain the same.

  • All items have been cross referenced with the documentation available at and/or the training curriculum on the University site, to ensure they are covered. (There will still, however, be a small number (no more than 20%) of questions related to knowledge gained in the field.)

  • The new exams come with new blueprints which you can download from our certification page.

  • To improve the revision experience we’ve created online sample papers for both exams, and you can try the sample ACA and ACE papers now to test your readiness for the exams. These have 30 questions each (representing 50% of the exam), and provide a much better experience than the previous sample tests.

If you’re already certified, please rest assured that your certification is still valid, and will be until the next iteration of the exams, which will be issued after the next major release of Alfresco (version 5). We’ll notify you in plenty of time to encourage you to upgrade your certification prior to this release.

As certification gains more and more traction in the marketplace, you will see more positions advertised requiring Alfresco certified professionals. There has never been a better time to prepare for your Alfresco certification - make it your new year's resolution.
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Hello Carlos! I am glad to talk with you again.

Let me suggest that the link to the ACE practice test is incorrect.

The correct link:


Alberto Perales
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Thanks Alberto, I believe we have it fixed.