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Alfresco Community 4.2.c

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The latest Alfresco Community 4.2 release is out! Here's some information on what improved features you can expect since the last release.


The latest Share user interface theme to be added to Alfresco and a preview of the newer more modern look we are working towards in the Share UI. This theme is a step towards a lighter looking, more modern UI experience. It is not the final version as we intend to refactor the header bar and top-level menus to add some much needed contrast but it already makes Share look more modern and more pleasing to use in modern browser environments. This theme is now the default for new installations. It also shows just how far you can take a Share theme with just CSS!


Gallery View

Improved performance (large thumbnails are now JPEG format by default) and improved user experience, including a fix to the issue of 'squashed' image aspect ratio for thumbnails.

Forms Validation Improvements

A feature that has been present on the Alfresco Cloud product for a while and now part of Community also - improved user feedback for form validation.

Wiki CSS Improvements

The CSS used to render wiki pages has been improved.

Google Docs Integration

The very latest Google Docs integration (2.0.1-13) is present in 4.2.c and has a number of important fixes.


We have full Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Dutch and Norwegian translations available in 4.2.c as well as the usual English, French, German, Spanish, Italian lang packs.

CSS Data Images

A SpringSurf web-framework feature now on by default. Improves the performance of pages that use a lot of small icon images by including them already encoded into a single style sheet file rather than lots of little image files.


Lots of bugs have been fixed, including the issues with Document Library filters that was present in 4.2.b. You should also find again the performance of 4.2 is so much better out the box than Community 4.0. See the full list of fixed bugs since the 4.2.b release.

In Summary

We hope you enjoy this Alfresco Community release, it's the last one we will be putting into your stocking before xmas!