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Alfresco Community Admin Tools

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So it's been long due that we from Contezza that we've created this blog/post around our Admin Tools. This tool is used at our customers and this will become full Open Source.

This is maybe a response to the blog from Alfresco regarding the Control Center:

We had an app to manager users & groups within sites (for quite some time) and then we started to add stuff, like:

  • Documentation download
  • Angular/ADF Extension information
  • License information
  • Platform modules
  • Manage sites
    • Create Sites
    • View Users & Groups
    • Add Users & Groups
  • Manage Users & Groups
    • View Users & Groups
    • Add Users & Groups within Groups
    • Create Users or Groups ==> is still in Development
  • Manage Space Templates
  • Javascript Console ==> needs platform with the js-console amp/lib installed
  • Node Browser

How can you start it?
As base you could use the compose file from Alfresco github

I'm not 100% sure how this works with de NGINX proxy which Alfresco uses, but the app below can be reached with url


   ACS_PROXY_URL: http://${}:8080/alfresco/
   - 4006:8080
     - admin-tools

Screenshot how it looks like.


ADF JS-console.pngADF Nodebrowser 1.pngADF Nodebrowser 2.png


If you need to use the Javascript Console features, then you'll need to have a platform with an Alfresco 6.2.x or highter with a Javascript-console version 0.7 or higher (built by the code)



  • Go to github with our code ==> probably OOTB or Share-Extras
    • We have a mono-repository now, so will need to split the code
  • We use a lot of internal libraries which aren't available in our Nexus or NPMJS
    • These need to be built seperately and published
  • We'll need to publish the module also as a war/jar so one can include it in tomcat so no Docker image is needed or when someone just want's to include this module directly in the backend platform

A great shout out to our Developers at Contezza, Wasyl, Rick, Tjerk, Diego, Nume who are too shy to create a blog ==> hence I'm doing it Smiley Tongue.

Code will be published here:

About the Author
Senior Alfresco Engineer, I have worked with Alfresco for the pas 12+ years and longer in the ECM market. I'm not the Technical Director at Contezza which only focus on Alfresco implementations and development. I'm also a member of the Order of the Bee.