Alfresco Governance Services 3.5.a Released

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Alfresco Governance Services 3.5.a Released

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We are pleased to announce that AGS 3.5.a has officially been released. It's been a long time since the last release, 3.0.a, but it's known that good things take time.

What's new in 3.5.a?

The 3.5.a release includes multiple bug fixes along with some new user-friendly features and also the compatibility with ACS 7.0.0.

The new functionality added brings improvements over the old Declare as record and Declare version as record actions. Whilst the actions in the past allowed the users to declare the files or the versions as records into the unfiled records folder, with the new File as record and File version as record actions, besides just declaring the records into the unfiled records folder, it is possible now for a user to directly file the declared record into an existing location over which the user has permission.

Besides the feature work, a good number of issues have been fixed. 

Considerable improvements have been made by fixing multiple performance issues resulting in a better user experience. Some of the highlights are: 

  • shorter filing documents time 
  • reduced number of queries when loading the file plan and the document library in Share - MNT-21818
  • better performance on viewing the retention schedule metadata for a category containing numerous children
  • better response time for My Files, Sites, and Records Management in a large repository

Among the MNTs, some Search issues have been addressed as well and those include: 

  • exporting search results - MNT-20191
  • search results pointing to incorrect link to folders on holds - MNT-21132
  • performing REST Api search returns wrong value for hasMoreItems  MNT-20822 
  • and disabled audit for Search in MNT-19080

Other fixed MNTs solve issues such as, 

  • broken API call on /Downloads for records - MNT-21292 
  • download URI not encoded properly - MNT-21552
  • folders and records under a child record category do not inherit the retention schedule of the parent record category
  • unable to create a full path to non-existing record folder location in rule - MNT-17946
  • deleting a copy of a record removes the physical bin file - MNT-18806

Another reason to upgrade is for the security fixes since the last release. These prevent the possibility to delete a hold via Nodes API for a user with no read permissions.

Other improvements can be seen in 

  • RM-7068 - improved error message when deleting a hold as a user without filing permissions
  • RM-7012 - fixed event filter labels in the audit page
  • APPS-509 - fixed notification templates link to a resource 
  • RM-6798 - possibility to reject filed records


We are curious to hear your feedback on the new release and we encourage you to contact us by any of the existing means, comments, or the forum, providing information on what would be valuable to see in future releases.



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