Alfresco Out of the box research - help wanted!

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Alfresco Out of the box research - help wanted!

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I’m the product manager for Alfresco Digital Workspace (Content App - the open-source version) and the Desktop Sync products. I wanted to reach out to ask for your help with some important research we are doing. 

I’m hoping you could spare 5 minutes to complete a quick survey to help us better understand what you expect out of the box from Alfresco and what level of customisations or extensions you have done to address your needs. 

There are various ways customisations can be done from AMPs, Share Add-ons Digital Workspace / Content App extensions, or mobile SDK to name a few. This is an initial dive into researching this area so we have created a generic survey to help us get a broad understanding of where you are making customisations and why. 

We plan on using this information to help make improvements across the various products. For example, on the Digital Workspace, we know that many of you have been asking for more extension points. We’d like to build those extension points but first, we need to learn more about what you want to build. 

We want to help you create better solutions and focus on creating the solutions that matter. We’ll look to make it easier where we can, give you the right tools or help remove the burden of creating repeated customisations by adding them to the out of the box experience if possible. 

Please reach out to me directly at ( or leave comments below if you have any questions.


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Senior Product Manager for Alfresco Digital Workspace / Content App & Desktop Sync