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The latest community release of RM 2.3 is now available and provides support for 5.0.b.

There are, however, a couple of new features that are worth mentioning.

Move In-Place Records

It is now possible to move an in-place record once it has been declared.

The movement of an in-place record does not effect the location or management of the record in the file plan it just allows the user to reorganise their working environment, placing the in-place record wherever makes sense to them.

[vsw id='AAgQ_Lzueps' source='youtube' width='600' height='400' autoplay='no']

Improved Rejected Record Handling

When a record is rejected by the records management team it is now easy for the user to understand why and take action.

Once understood the rejection warning can be removed from the document allowing users to later resubmit the document as a record if the circumstances are right.

[vsw id='tJRQZb-GTNA' source='youtube' width='600' height='400' autoplay='no']

Annotated Behaviours

Support for annotated behaviours has been hiding in RM for a little while now. 2.3.b see's this generally useful feature moved into 5.0.b and made available for everyone to use.

Look out for a separate post with more details.

Is that it?

No that isn't everything, but the really interesting stuff isn't quite ready so has been disabled in this build.

I'm not even going to talk about it yet, you will just have to wait for the next community release later this year!