Alfresco Search Services 1.1.0

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Alfresco Search Services 1.1.0

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Search Services 1.1.0 is now available, here's a summary of what's changed. As ever, please let me know if you have any questions or you would like to give us any feedback.

New Search REST API Features

We have added support for new features in the search API. These come from feedback we received from the first release of the Search REST API with 5.2 and have added new capabilities to support more advanced reporting requirements. 

NB You will need either Community 201707 or the upcoming 5.2.1 release to take advantage of these.

New Sharding Option - DBID Range

We have added a new sharding method for Enterprise customers with a clustering license: DBID range sharding.

This will be the only option to offer any kind of auto-scaling as opposed to defining your shard count exactly at the start. The other sharding methods require repartitioning in some way.

For each shard you specify the range of DBIDs to be included. As your repository grows you can add shards. Look out for an upcoming blog post from search architect, Andy Hind explaining more about the differences between the different sharding methods. 

Bug Fixes

Complete list here

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In the documentation for installation, there is a jump to going to the Admin Console:

Go to Admin Console > Repository Services > Search Service and verify that:

  1. You see the Solr 6 option in the Search Service In Use list.

The menu item Repository Services does not exist in 5.2.0 (re21f2be5-b22), nor are there instructions on how to install the console module. Are we missing something?

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The admin console is part of the enterprise product (not community). You can go direct ....



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So, How do you make the setting in Community? 

According to Harry: 

NB You will need either Community 201707 or the upcoming 5.2.1 release to take advantage of these.

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Community supports configuration by properties

The public search API is in community - the administration screen mentioned in the docs is not.
SOLR 4 and 6 work with the public API - there are a few minor issues/differences with some specific options for some facet types.

Please comment on the docs page that is misleading to say it is enterprise only and it will get rectified.