Announcing the launch of our new Alfresco documentation site

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Announcing the launch of our new Alfresco documentation site

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We’re very excited to announce that we’re launching a newly designed Alfresco documentation site in the next few weeks.

Our goal is to give you a much improved experience of Alfresco online documentation. As well as a fresh and uncluttered look-and-feel to the home page, we aim to make it as easy as possible to find the answers to your Alfresco product questions. 


These are some of the improvements to the experience and new features you’ll see in the new Alfresco documentation. 

Search improvements

Search is one of the most important ways to find the information you need. We’ve introduced a new search experience, backed by Elasticsearch. When you enter a query, you’ll immediately see some suggestions. You can also search for terms across the whole docs site or just the area you are viewing.

Edit in GitHub

We’re always open to suggested improvements to the content in Alfresco documentation. All of our documentation is now sourced in GitHub, and so each page offers you the option to suggest an edit. We’ll review your suggestions and merge changes where appropriate.

Home page menus

Use the top menus to navigate the documentation for information about a specific product. This navigation menu will always be visible throughout the documentation pages, so making it easier to go directly to the docs for another Alfresco product. You’ll also be able to switch to tutorials and the supported platforms page more easily. 

Easier access to earlier versions

You’ll always see the latest version of the documentation but sometimes you may want to see a different version. Now you can use the drop-down menu to go directly to the pages of an earlier product version.

Copy example code

Wherever you see a snippet of sample code, you’ll now be able to easily copy the full example into your clipboard to use in your code.


Over the coming weeks, we will be constantly updating the information in the new site. 

We hope that you’ll like our refreshed docs site and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Helen Mullally

Alfresco User Assistance