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MDM software has become an enterprise necessity. With so many mobile devices in the workplace, IT needs a way to manage policy, inventory and security, and MDM does just that.

MDM automates and simplifies repetitive tasks like configuring Wi-Fi settings and installing specific apps, meeting compliance standards. It also helps protect corporate data on mobile devices and prevents it being shared by third party applications, great if your looking to protect your content in the Alfresco content app.

Below is a simple example of how I was able to configure MDM with MacOS Server and an iPad.


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This blog post describes how to build a Grafana dashboard to monitor Alfresco Search Services 1.4.

Docker Compose template for Alfresco Community is provided in


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The release of the following versions includes Mutual TLS Authentication by Default for Alfresco Repository and SOLR communications:Alfresco Content Services Community Edition latest (and it will be released with 6.2.0-ga)Alfresco Search Services Insight Engine 1.1.0. Read more...

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The new Alfresco Content Services 6.0 is released, and I am happy to share the highlights of this version with you. The major focus of the new Alfresco Content Services 6.0 release was on significant architecture improvements and the new containerized deployment option based on Docker and Kubernetes Read more...

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Read more about the changes and new features introduced with Solr 6 here.In this post we will share more information about setting up an Alfresco Enterprise/Solr sharded search index. If you haven't already, see this post for more info on installing Solr 6. When an index grows too large to be stored Read more...

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