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We are happy to announce our latest release of Community RM based on the public community code-line. Community release 2.6.a is now available and provides support for Alfresco Community 201702. In this release we managed to include some exciting new features as well as some important bug fixes. Gove Read more...

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It’s been a while since our last release of Community RM, but 2.5.b is now available.What's in 2.5.bThe main driver for this release is compatibility with Alfresco Community 201702 (i.e. Alfresco 5.2.x). This involved some work to integrate with the shiny new site creation page as well as a few less Read more...

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The latest community release of RM 2.3 is now available and provides support for 5.0.b.There are, however, a couple of new features that are worth mentioning.Move In-Place RecordsIt is now possible to move an in-place record once it has been declared.The movement of an in-place record does not effec Read more...

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