Deploying Alfresco DBP with Identity Service using Docker Compose

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Deploying Alfresco DBP with Identity Service using Docker Compose


Great article that you wrote here @gravitonian, which was very valuable to me to get Identity Service working with ACS ! Thank you very much for publishing it.

I just get an issue regarding your docker-compose.yml for docker-compose-identity. The alfresco-identity-service is not available at, but is available at docker hub. This gave me an error (telling my was wrong) when pulling the image.


Alfresco Employee

That's strange, I just checked and Identity Service images are available at Quay:


When I follow your link I get an error message with my account : 

This namespace doesn't have any viewable repositories. Either no repositories exist yet or you may not have permission to view any. 

This is certainly because I'm not authorized as a non Alfrescian ?

Alfresco Employee

The article describes how you can sign up for an ACS trial and get access to Quay.

See this section:

Member II

Thanks, It is really a useful article, now(2021) that new ACS, APS, ADF, AGS, Identity service and etc. has released it is appreciated to write up on how to develop a docker compose to contain latest version of all DBP members alongside Identity Service working together.

Meanwhile, the docker image at doesn't exists anymore.

It will be a shortcut for beginners and appreciated in advance.

Active Member

Anyone know how to implement SSO with SPNEGO from Windows desktop devices, starting from this tutorial?

The authentication type should be kerberos, backed by LDAP or Active direcotry.

Anyone can help?


Active Member

Excellent job and thanks very much for sharing.

A question: 

I created a new user (eg test) in keycloak and gave it a password, but I can not login to digital workspace with this user, it seems the only accepted user is admin.


I think the configuration of keycloak for digital workspace is forgotten or is not correct?


A request:

While this article is very usefull, I suggets you update this article adding alfresco process services to the docker.