Desktop Sync 1.0.0 GA for Windows

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Desktop Sync 1.0.0 GA for Windows

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A huge welcome to Desktop Sync 1.0.0 GA for Windows, available for Alfresco One. With Alfresco Desktop Sync, Windows users will be able to connect to Alfresco One on premise to select folders and sites to view and work with on their desktop, even when working offline. Files can be viewed and edited using standard desktop applications such as Microsoft Office and changes will be uploaded to the server. Every 5 minutes server changes are synced to the desktop, the latest content is always available.

Alfresco Desktop Sync is only available to paid subscribers.

Video Link : 1104

For further informations you can refer to the documentation site.

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Alfresco Employee

If you are not aware about an Open Source Synch solution, I suggest to check also CmisSync by Aegif.


Hi Franceso,

can you please check where we can download Deskop Sync?

It is not available here: 



Alfresco Employee

Hi Jens,

You are not the first one telling me this and we are solving the issue.
Until it will be solved, you can download the Desktop Sync from the news panel in the Support Portal, where the release was announced.