Early support for custom metadata in Share

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Early support for custom metadata in Share

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As of this morning the Share web client has very early support for viewing and editing custom metadata.

The FormUI component being implemented as part of the new forms engine is now used in the document details page and the new edit metadata page in Alfresco Share.

The screenshot below shows metadata being viewed and the link that has been modified to launch the new edit metadata page. 

Edit metadata link

Details of the new forms engine can be found here, the only information currently present on the page is the configuration syntax, more information will be published as the development cycle for the next release of Share progresses.

A working example of the form configuration can be found in projects/web-framework-commons/config/alfresco/web-framework-config-commons.xml. Those familiar with configuring custom metadata for the Alfresco Explorer web client will recognise the approach, the usual extension techniques can be used to customise the forms displayed. Just place a file called 'web-framework-config-custom.xml' in the 'alfresco.web-extension' package to override the default configuration or provide your own customisations.

The default configuration produces an edit metadata page as shown below.

Edit metadata page

As mentioned above this is very early support so features are limited, subject to change at any time and will more than likely have some instability. Only basic property types are currently supported i.e. no repeating value properties, there also isn't any support for categories, tags or associations.

Over the next few weeks I will try and write several 'How To' posts highlighting the features as they are implemented, in the meantime, please check out the source code from SVN, start investigating and provide us feedback.
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