Helm chart updates for Alfresco Content Services

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Helm chart updates for Alfresco Content Services

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Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 16.53.47.pngThis is a quick update for customers who are using Alfresco’s reference Helm Charts for Kubernetes deployments of Alfresco Content Services (ACS).

What’s new:

- The ACS Helm charts have been updated to work with Helm version 3 and Kubernetes 1.16 onwards.

- There is now a single Helm chart for all versions of ACS, including Community Edition. The relevant ACS version and supporting stack is determined by choosing the relevant values.yaml file. Please read this section for more details.

- The Kubernetes charts have been tested specifically on Amazon EKS and Docker for Desktop. Instructions specifically for KOPS have been removed. Nevertheless, the charts do not use any specific AWS services, so they should be portable to other Kubernetes environments.

- The original GitHub repository for acs-community-deployment has been archived and the latest charts can be found under acs-deployment. Under there, you will find instructions for both Docker-Compose and Helm.

Please use the GitHub Issues section to raise any specific problems.

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