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Intro to Alfresco Addons

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Alfresco Add-ons is a directory of enhancements for your Alfresco Products.

What is an add-on?

An Alfresco Add-on can improve the capabilities of an Alfresco product, but is not shipped with the product. Examples include:

  • Community maintained language packs,
  • Integrations with external systems,
  • Packaged customizations
  • System administration tools

How is this different from the Solutions Showcase?

The Solutions Showcase details solutions based on Alfresco that are produced by Certified Alfresco Partners. A solution solves a business problem by a leveraging a mixture of Alfresco configuration, Alfresco customization, a collection of add-ons, and consulting services. Solutions also often include a training and support component.

What editions, products, and versions of Alfresco are included in the directory?

There are add-ons in the directory for all Alfresco editions, including Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Alfresco in the cloud. There are add-ons for every product of Alfresco, including Share, Records Management, Web QuickStart, and the mobile applications. Developer tools are also included. The directory includes add-ons which are intended to be used with version 3.4 of Alfresco and newer.

Is this add-on updated for the newest version of Alfresco?

We do not maintain add-ons or the directory entries. We suggest you contact the add-on maintainer. Each entry contains a link that points to a site where you can get further information about the add-on. We suggest you also encourage the add-on maintainer to update the directory entry.

If you are unable to contact the maintainer of the add-on, or if you see something that needs immediate attention, please contact us.

Are the add-ons supported?

Unless otherwise indicated, Add-ons are not endorsed or supported by Alfresco.

Each add-on maintainer can specify a web address where people can get information about support for the add-on. If there is no such link, then it is likely that support is not available. Further information might be available on the project page for that add-on.

Does the directory only contain open source add-ons?

The directory contains add-ons under a variety of licenses. The submitter of the add-on can select the license that the project is using, including the option ""proprietary"".

What license to you recommend for an add-on?

The appropriate license for your add-on depends a lot on the goals you and your organization have in sponsoring an Alfresco Add-ons project. Evaluating the right choice for your specific circumstances probably requires the assistance of a legal professional. However, we like licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative because they encourage collaborative development. If you hope to have your Add-on accepted into Alfresco, you would need to select the Apache license, or sign a contribution agreement.

Someone else included my add-on in the directory. How do I update the entry?

We hope you feel flattered that someone found your add-on useful enough to include it in the directory. All of the documents on this site can be edited, so please update the owner to your name. 

I see a problem! How do I contact you?

Please contact us about a duplicate add-on or objectionable content. You can reach us by messaging or the community manager, Kristen Gastaldo‌.

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