Introducing the Aikau Sandpit

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Introducing the Aikau Sandpit

Intermediate II
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Aikau development continues rapidly with new releases each week. One of the challenges we have is in providing suitable education for getting up-to-speed with what widgets are currently available. We have the JSDoc and the online tutorial but these require you to either have or create a client or work within Alfresco Share. We had various feedback that it would be useful to have a 'kitchen-sink' style application to show-case all the widgets but have found that trying to create a single application to demonstrate every widget is quite a sizable challenge. Instead we have created a 'sandpit' application to demonstrate widgets that allows dynamic customization of the example configuration provided. This application is online now and can be found by following this link.

When you visit the application you'll find an index page that allows you to search for and navigate to particular widget examples. Each page will contain one or more snippets of Aikau JSON model with a preview of what the model will render. You can edit the JSON model and update the preview to experiment with each widget. Every page has tabs for debug logging, mock XHR logging and the JSDoc for the primary widget being shown.


At the moment there aren't very many example pages but we will be adding new examples for each new widget we add from now on. We're also hoping that the Alfresco Community will get involved and contribute examples that they find useful. Contributing can be done via GitHub pull requests and instructions can be found here.

The Sandpit application will be updated each Tuesday as part of the Aikau release process. As always we're grateful for any feedback or contributions.

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