Introducing the Alfresco Mobile Workspace!

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Introducing the Alfresco Mobile Workspace!

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It is with great excitement that I can announce this early access release of the Alfresco Mobile Workspace, a brand new mobile app for content management.

What is the Alfresco Mobile Workspace?

The Alfresco Mobile Workspace is a brand new mobile application with a similar look and feel to the Alfresco Digital Workspace. Out of the box the Mobile Workspace is the perfect companion for the Digital Workspace allowing users to seamlessly interact with content across the web and mobile.

How do I install the Alfresco Mobile Workspace?

  • Android
    • Become a member of this Google Group - LINK HERE
    • Once you are a member, you can download the app from here - LINK HERE


  • iOS
    • Install the Test Flight app from here - LINK HERE
    • Once Test Flight is installed the Mobile Workspace can be installed from within the Test Flight app (you may have to refer back to the original invite link).ios.png

What can I do with the Alfresco Mobile Workspace?

With this beta version of the Alfresco Mobile Workspace you can easily view content on your mobile device or tablet, seamlessly browse libraries, view your recent and favourite content

What is next for the Alfresco Mobile Workspace?

  • Create content - allows you to create microsoft office documents from your mobile device
  • Offline support - sync or create content from your mobile device when offline
  • Microsoft Office Apps Support - view and edit content in MS Office apps
  • Photo and video capture support - capture video or take 1 or up to 100 pictures at a time
  • Tasks and processes - view tasks and trigger processes with offline support

Where can I view the API bindings?

Why a native app?

The Mobile Workspace will be targeting the following use cases:

  • Offline access to content and processes
  • Content capture such as scanning and multi-photo capture

Responsive ADF applications will serve use cases where there is always connectivity like:

  • Viewing content quickly via the mobile browser
  • Accessing customised applications from a mobile device

Is This Open Source?

Yes the Mobile Workspace will have an open source core (not yet available)

Will This Work On A Community Edition Alfresco?

Yes! The Mobile Workspace supports basic username/password authentication

Will This Work On An Enterprise Edition Alfresco?

Yes! The Mobile Workspace supports OIDC and is configured to work with the Alfresco Identity Service.

We really want to hear your feedback!

  • Please email -
  • Please comment in the Google Group - LINK HERE