Introducing the Ansible Playbook 1.0 for Alfresco Content Services

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Introducing the Ansible Playbook 1.0 for Alfresco Content Services

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Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 16.53.47.pngFollowing from my earlier blog post on our Ansible Playbooks strategy, and continuing our theme of supporting customers' diverse deployment needs, I am pleased to announce the first GA release of the Alfresco Content Services Ansible Playbook (1.0) for Linux.

The new Ansible playbook installs the latest version Alfresco Content Services 7.0 by default, but can also be used to deploy 6.2.x versions, as well as Community Edition. It allows you to deploy locally, to a single remote machine, or to multiple remote targets.

You can find full documentation on how to use the playbook for Enterprise or Community installations, on our website. For additional technical information you can visit the Open Source playbook project on GitHub.

Finally, please familiarise yourself with Alfresco’s Deployment Support Policy.

As this is a new release of the playbook, we would love to get your feedback and hear your experience. Feel free to send your comments to, or if you find specific technical problems please create an issue in our GitHub project.

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