Is Alfresco’s Product Portfolio Speaking Your Language?

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Is Alfresco’s Product Portfolio Speaking Your Language?

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Interested in providing feedback and insight to simplify Alfresco’s products?

Over the last few releases of Alfresco One and Alfresco Community Edition, you may have noticed that the user interfaces (UI) have been updated with a slicker, more modern feel. The Alfresco User Experience and Engineering Teams have put a lot of time and thought into creating products that look great and are simple to use. And we’re not finished yet…

What you may not have noticed is that we’ve also been gradually updating the function terminology (everything from button labels to error messages) in the product, to make the language feel more natural, and less clunky or technical. When you use Alfresco’s products we want the terminology to feel like a natural conversation rather than a barrier; terminology that will help guide you, rather than language you have to Google to find out what it means to move forward.

A great example is the new Search Manager feature in Alfresco One 5.0. This feature started life as Faceted Search Configuration – we hope you’ll agree that the name we settled on is a bit friendlier and more commonly used!

Now we want to get you, our end users, involved… We’ve published a survey asking for feedback on what works, what doesn’t, and what direction you’d like to see us go in with the terminology in Alfresco’s products.

We need direct feedback from all members of the Alfresco family – community and enterprise users, developers, architects, partners, consultants, anyone that uses Alfresco’s products! Please let us know what you think – the survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and will run until the end of July. Thank you in advance as your feedback will have a direct impact on helping Alfresco product’s speak your language.

Following the survey, we’ll collect and analyze the results to discuss the feedback we’ve received. Once a plan is in place, we’ll report back our findings through a follow-up blog post, so stay tuned.

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