Live API Explorer updated to ACS 5.2.2

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Live API Explorer updated to ACS 5.2.2

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Just a short post to announce that the "live sandbox" (*) of the Alfresco Content Services REST API Explorer has been upgraded to Alfresco Content Services (ACS) 5.2.2.


This means you can now explore and "try out" in a shared playground (*) the new API features that have been added to Community 201711 (6.0.0-ea) and ACS 5.2.2. These include new Audit and Avatar API's.


For more details on the changes, please refer to:


Alfresco Community Edition 201711 GA Release 


... or you can also diff the API specs (between 5.2.1 & 5.2.2).


If you're just getting started with the Alfresco public APIs and would like more background information or detailed tutorials, then please refer to:


Alfresco public REST APIs 


If you prefer to download &/or trial your own dedicated instance, see Download and Install Alfresco.


It should be noted that if you install Governance Services (GS) then you will also have access to the new GS API Explorer & GS Core REST APIs (part of Records Management Community 2.6.a).





(*) Please be aware that (as always) this is a publicly accessible & shared demo server. Please do not upload private, sensitive or valuable data. The server is not backed-up and may be reset or taken offline without warning.