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Mobile technology choices?

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The endless debate that comes up when we speak of mobile apps is whether the technology choice is native, choose a hybrid path or stick with browser-based applications.

At Alfresco we often have this debate ourselves, of course as a consumer the apps we enjoy most are likely to be native because of the richer user experience, slick navigation and native is essentially a perfect match for that device you spent you hard earned money on.

When we then start to think about enterprises and the public sector and what their strategy might be for  providing mobility solutions. Mobile apps by these organizations could be for the employees, customers or citizens and the use cases so varied that many other factors come into play.

How quickly do we need to produce an app? How much will it cost? Do we have the right skills? How do we retain control of content through device/app management? Does it need to work whilst users are offline? Will users want to edit content in other apps? Are there apps we need it to integrate with? … and many more…

The answers to these questions can help determine your mobility technology choices … we’d love to hear about what mobile technology choices you have made or would like to make through this short survey: 

The survey has just four questions and should take no longer than 3 minutes to complete, thank you in advance as your feedback is valuable and will help shape future product direction.

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That is a great article to share, thank you Angel Borroy‌.  What we'd like to learn is, does the market Alfresco operate in have any bias to one or another.


Regarding the article and easiness sure Native is better.

But we haven't really had a 'single' useful implementation where the current native app was any part of it.

We also don't have developers who are specialized in Android/IOS, so in our own case we'd like some hybrid form based on Angular (in line with ADF).

A quick google gave as an option, but there are sure others.

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Angualr+Ionic is better.

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Thank you Jie Tan, can you provide more information here - maybe describe your experiences, or use cases?