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Catching up on blogs seems to be all I've had time to do lately with the hecticness of work being as it is at the moment, but now I've discovered a way of absorbing the latest open source goings on while I get on with other things!

Mirroring what we're working to get off the ground at Alfresco at the moment, Novell recently launched Novell Open Audio to the world. I gave it a listen to last night mainly to see what kind of stuff they were doing in their podcasts, and ended up listening intently to the guys talking about iFolder and the collaboration features that they've built on top of the stack with the latest 3.0 release. Very interesting stuff indeed, and quite a lot of potential cross-over with the colloboration stuff that we have in Alfresco.

Also interesting is how they've now split off a community version of iFolder (complete with the compulsory shiny-MediaWiki-for-a-website thing just like F-Spot, Banshee and Mono - clearly a great way of getting content up on your site) from the enterprise offering and how they've split their people between those two areas.

I didn't get round to listening to the second half of the 50 minute show about NLD, but I'll make sure I do when I get a chance. Truly engaging stuff - we've got a lot to live up to!
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