Proposed upcoming changes to ALF project

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Proposed upcoming changes to ALF project

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In this blog post I would like to share the upcoming changes to the contribution process for Alfresco components. In short, the well known ALF project ( in our Jira is going to be archived.

For quite a while the ALF project was serving as a home of all the contributions from Community members, accommodating the feature requests, bug descriptions and patches. The world around it has changed and the project is no longer the easiest way for us to listen to Community and for Community to talk to us. We would like to propose to use GitHub as the place for collaboration, to be as close to the code as possible.

This is how it can look like.

The process will include a smaller number of steps to make the contribution easier to submit and approve:

How to find the right repository?

Alfresco Content Services has a lot of components, so it might be quite hard to find the right one to submit your issue. The following list contains all of the relevant repositories and short description of each of them.

If you are unsure which one to select if you experience an issue in Alfresco application, you can use one of the packaging projects to raise the issue. If you know exactly where the issue occurs, please create an issue in the relevant project instead of packaging projects. Needless to say that it is a lot easier for us to review and approve the PR with exact changes than reacting to an issue description without any points to code. Although we will try our best to pay attention to all of them.

Please keep in mind that this list may change over time.

If the feedback will be positive, we will gradually make the following changes: