"Rapid UI Development with Aikau" Recording Online

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"Rapid UI Development with Aikau" Recording Online

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Last November (2015) I gave a presentation on "Rapid UI Development with Aikau" at the Alfresco Day in Stockholm on and realized that the recording we took never got published so I've now uploaded it for you to watch here.

I wanted to provide this link in a blog post so that I could mention some caveats around the content...

  • It's almost a year old - so we've made nearly 50 more releases since I gave the presentation (so there are more widgets, more services and more library files available)
  • The Alfresco company strategy has since been changed so that Aikau is now focused specifically on Share (although it can be used to rapidly develop new standalone clients as I demonstrate by building a new client with a fully-fledged Document Library from scratch in under 5 minutes - 18 mins into the recording)

I do think that it still contains some valuable information though as well as providing a good overview of Aikau​ - for example there's a live demo of customizing the search page 29 mins into the recording.

Finally... although we were in Sweden, my presentation immediately followed Ole Hejlskov​'s (who is Danish) hence my joke about not speaking in Danish - I did know which country I was in!