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Records Management Community 2.5.b

Alfresco Employee
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It’s been a while since our last release of Community RM, but 2.5.b is now available.

What's in 2.5.b

The main driver for this release is compatibility with Alfresco Community 201702 (i.e. Alfresco 5.2.x). This involved some work to integrate with the shiny new site creation page as well as a few less visible compatibility fixes. The release also contains a lot of bug fixes, particularly around retention schedules, audit and rules.

Create site dialog with RM 2.5.b

Internally the main innovation has been to create a build which just tests Community behaviour. We have a lot of tests for our Enterprise artefacts (which include the community code too), but in order to allow us to make Community releases more frequently we have set up a new build to look for regressions in our community code.

We have also set up a publicly accessible Travis build to make it easier for anyone to see the status the current code, as well as any pull requests they submit.

What’s coming up next?

On master you’ll see all our current community development, which includes a large focus on the first release of the governance services v1 REST API. It’s been through a couple of significant refactorings since we started work on it, but we think it’s nearing completion now. The current plan is to release it in 2.6.a, which should be in roughly a month if all goes well.

You might also have noticed a new module in the project – rm-benchmark. We’ve recently been investigating our performance at scale, and the first part of that is to benchmark the performance of our core capabilities. See RM-3953 for more details.

So please let us know what you think of 2.5.b and what you'd like to see in 2.6.a and beyond.


Member II

Hi Tom. I get this message when I click the Create retention planning button.
This is serious? Thank you

Alfresco Employee

Hi Maria,

Thanks very much for the feedback.  We saw this issue in testing when using Firefox, and shortly afterwards the page reloads, so the dialog disappears.  There weren't any side effects of this dialog - the retention schedule was created successfully and behaved as expected.

The details of our investigation are in Jira: RM-4701.  Please let us know if that ticket doesn't match your experiences.

Thanks again,


Active Member

Hi Tom,

How can I install Records Management in my Alfresco 201702?

Thank u for your answer!

Margaux H.

Alfresco Employee

Hi Margaux,

Sorry for the delay in replying. The full instructions for installing RM are available in our docs site.  In summary you install a module (such as RM) by copying the Repository amp file into "amps" and the Share amp file into "amps_share". You then use the script bin/ (or .bat for Windows) - or you can use the alfresco-mmt.jar directly (as shown in the docs page).

You can check that RM is installed correctly by trying to create an RM site.

You might also want to check out the latest community release: RM 2.6.a.

Hope this helps!


Active Member


Thank you for you answer!

I apologize because I know that we must not dig up an old subject but I found it a pity to create a new one.

I'll try to install it!

(Sorry for my english)

Thank you again!

Margaux H.