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Records Management Community 2.7.a

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We are excited to announce our latest release of Community RM, following 2.6.c from November last year.
Community release 2.7.a is now available here and provides support for Alfresco Community 201711. In this release we

have improved our patching system and included some important bug fixes.

What's new in 2.7.a?

We've updated our patching system that will run accordingly to the versions that we have in the upgrade.
The change avoids running unnecessary patches, see RM-5927 for details.

We added a validation test for yaml files. We now validate them against Swagger 2.0 standard which allows us to detect problems earlier(RM-5875).

In this release we fixed a couple of retention schedule bugs for record level retentions. While in the previous version we experienced problems when (re-)calculating disposition date, now the time periods are properly set (RM-4248, RM-5733). Retention schedule is an important feature in GS that define how records are managed in the system. A retention schedule is associated to a record category and can contain one or more steps. Each step has an action that will be triggered after a period of time (e.g  the creation date, completion date or the date of the last retention action) or when a specified event occurs.

A quick overview about other issues we fixed can be found below.

RM-1503: A security fix against XSS attacks was added.

RM-5878: An issue for RM Saved Search which was reproducing randomly. 

RM-5987: For performance considerations we replaced the "View full log" button and its functionality and made it configurable.

What's coming up next?

As we promised we will continue to have frequent community releases that will keep you up to date.
New features and compatiblity with 6.0.x will be adressed starting from AGS 3.0.a.
We'd be happy to hear any feedback from you or any eventual issues you encounter on this release.