Records Management Community 2.7.b

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Records Management Community 2.7.b

Alfresco Employee
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It is time, at last, to announce the release of the Records Management Community 2.7.b, which follows 2.7.a from February and brings improvements over the existing features, mostly on auditing events and on the search results.

What's in 2.7.b?

In this release, we have focused more on fixing audit bugs, for instance, event filtering (RM-5794, RM-5234), logging user creation and deletion (RM-5235) and logging group events (RM-5236).

Another noteworthy improvement is that we have also fixed a security issue (RM-6275) and a few bugs on the search feature, including GROUP_EVERYONE disappearing from search results after installing RM module (RM-2504).

Also on the records search results, we have introduced a new component in the metadata, the Record Category Identifier that refers to the record category that is the first in the record primary parental hierarchy (RM-6137).

For those who missed the wiki pages, now they can enjoy the feature again as the bug of not being able to create new pages has been fixed (MNT-19114).

What's coming up next?


Most significantly, compatibility with community release of ACS 6.0.x is our priority for the next release in AGS 3.0.a, and as usual we will continue to keep you updated on this.


We are really interested to hear about your feedback on 2.7.b or on anything that you would like to see in our future releases. You may use both the comments below or consider writing a message to any of the team members.