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Records Management Community Updates

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For the last few months, the Information Governance team at Alfresco has been heads-down getting Records Management 2.5 released. Since then we've been tidying things up on our community code base.

New Community Release

Alongside our Enterprise RM 2.5 release, we’ve got a shiny new RM Community release too: RM 2.5.a. This version has been tested against the latest 5.1.g (201605-EA) and 5.2.a (201609-EA) Alfresco One Community releases, so although the pom specifies 5.1 as a dependency, we don’t expect any issues when running against 5.2. Please let us know if you find anything.

Download the zip:

Check out the docs:

and see below for details of the code.

Community code now back on Github!

As I said in a previous post on my blog, we moved the RM code from SVN to our internal Git server recently (actually, it was about a year ago!) and since then, the SVN -> GitHub community mirror hasn’t been doing much.

We had a few issues getting the mirror set up due to the way we’d structured the new project, rm-community and rm-enterprise are both in the same repo which makes it much easier for us internally when we’re working on code that crosses projects, but with some creative python code from Tom Page, we were able to extract only the commits that make sense for the community and push them to our GitHub repo: - please take a look at the latest code. We’re keen to receive pull requests, so if there are any bugs you find and want to submit a PR for, please do (and raise a JIRA:

Community Versions tagged

If you’re looking for the code for a specific RM Community version, then Tom's hackathon project will please you no end. He’s fixed the tags in GitHub, so you can go to the releases page for our new repo to see community tags for 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 releases. If you really want to see versions older than that, you’ll need to go to our old repo and look at the tags there, but try to stick with the new stuff if at all possible - it’s much more fun to work with!

What’s next for RM Community?

Following news that version 3.0 of the Alfresco SDK is on its way, we’ve got an on-going development task to upgrade the RM project to use it. It’s still a work in-progress and we’re keeping Ole Hejlskov and Martin Bergljung in the loop as we have feature requests/bugs. The theory is that we (Alfresco Engineers) should be using the SDK for our own projects, so it makes sense to ensure that the RM module works with version 3.0. I’ll post back here once we’ve got more news on that.

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