Search Services 2.0.2 Release

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Search Services 2.0.2 Release

Alfresco Employee
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Obtaining this release

If you are using Docker, you can get the new Image by typing:

docker pull alfresco/alfresco-search-services:2.0.2

Source code for the release can be found in

If you are Enterprise user, you can get distribution ZIP files:

And also, only for Enterprise customers, the source code for this version is available in:

Insight Engine and Insight Zeppelin artifacts can be downloaded from using Enterprise credentials.


Search 2.0.x will require a full re-index upon deployment when upgrading from Search 1.x.
This is necessary to accommodate the removal of the index store and improved storage of date fields.

If you were using Search 2.0.x, no changes are required on you SOLR indexes.


  • Updated default configuration to improve indexing performance, query performance and resource usage compared with versions 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 (SEARCH-2887)
  • Improved query performance compared with versions 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 (SEARCH-2548)
  • Updated documentation for considerations prior to a re-index or upgrade to Search Services 2.0 (SEARCH-2887)
  • Updated documentation for exact term search (SEARCH-2904)
  • Additional option for Search Services to authenticate with a shared secret header (SEARCH-2802)

Bugs Fixed

  • SEARCH-2548: Query performance degradation
  • SEARCH-2986: Search with mTLS enabled does not work with ACS 7.x
  • SEARCH-2985: Starting Search Services without creating cores (alfresco, archive) is not working
  • SEARCH-2995: Remove backup location in alfresco search service admin screen and SOLR REST API

Known Issues

  • SEARCH-2461: Exact term queries behave differently against the DB and Solr
  • SEARCH-2994: ISUNSET doesn’t return the correct results

Third Party Product Versions

  • Solr 6.6.5 (patched)
  • Jetty 9.3.29.v20201019
  • Zeppelin 0.8.2


  • Search Services 2.0.2 works with ACS 6.2
  • Insight Engine 2.0.2 works with ACS 6.2 and AGS 3.2.0
  • JVM 11 is required
About the Author
Angel Borroy is Hyland Developer Evangelist. Over the last 15 years, he has been working as a software architect on Java, BPM, document management and electronic signatures. He has been working with Alfresco during the last years to customize several implementations in large organizations and to provide add-ons to the Community based on Record Management and Electronic Signature. He writes (sometimes) on his personal blog He is (proud) member of the Order of the Bee.
Senior Member

Hi@angelborroy,  thanks for sharing. Isn't there also a community zip download? Could you elaborate on "Updated default configuration", please?

Alfresco Employee

We're working on the ZIP Distribution and repository tag for Community:

I'll update this blog post once that's fixed.

Regarding to the "updated default configuration", you can get additional details in:

Mainly is disabling FINGERPRINT feature and removing SOLR Document Cache (as we are not using it).

Member II

Thanks Angel for the detailed information. I have just upgraded from Search Services 2.0.0 and I am unable to search through custom metadata. Standard metadata search is working fine (cm:title, cm:description)


I noted that in my model i used a prefix that a shouldn't (dc) but i can't change it now that i have a couple of million documents.


Can you give me any hint?

Alfresco Employee

You may try undeploying the conflicting model if you are not using it.

I guess you are referring to

<namespace uri="" prefix="dc"/>