Shaping the new generation of Alfresco SDK (Developer survey)

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Shaping the new generation of Alfresco SDK (Developer survey)

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The Alfresco Content Service SDK continues its evolution and is now on its fourth version which allows developers to manage the entire lifecycle of the possible customizations, for both Community and Enterprise editions, of the Alfresco backend services (ACS).

To make sure we have the right features and priorities for what we deliver, Alfresco would like your feedback, as a developer to understand how you use the current SDK through the available platform extensions. If you are not familiar with the ACS extensions, you can check the official documentation here for further details and reference.

This survey is focused on your usage of the current SDK for ACS and your experience, to better understand your priorities. 

It takes less than 10 minutes to answer the survey questions. You will be able to share what are your priorities, what use cases you use the SDK for, and what extensions you need.

If you cannot wait to see the survey, click the image below and you will able to access it directly.Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 16.25.13.png

There are no right or wrong answers; we are collecting the data to understand what you need from us in our SDK. 

The plans for the new Alfresco SDK are big! The Alfresco ACS customization and extension mechanism will be moved to work also "outside" of the application server, leveraging events and being deployed independently from the core services. As shared this week at Devcon, our plans are not to discontinue the current way of extending the ACS services, but deliver a new mechanism that will be introduced as part of the developer experience.

Please click on the link below and share your experience to help to shape the new generation of Alfresco SDK.

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