Share performances: listing a folder with many linked node

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Share performances: listing a folder with many linked node

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A folder with many linked nodes takes a long time to display in Share.

This is because the metadata of all the linked nodes is retrieved in the JSON response.

If the linked nodes have large custom properties, the JSON response would be huge and can have a considerable impact on the time taken to display the folder in Share.

As the properties of the linked nodes are not displayed in Share, can the metadata retrieval be postponed till the user accesses the actual link?

The response is: Yes, you need to add this parameter to JAVA_OPTS

The default value for the option is false.

You can see the difference using your browser Developer Tools, this is the default behaviour, you can see the properties of the linked node.



Here's the same folder list with the parameter enabled: the “properties” sub-tree of the linked node is present but empty.



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