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Site tags dashlet improvements

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If you attended one of the recent Meetups in Europe of the US you may have caught us using the site tags dashlet as an example of how to develop a custom dashlet for Alfresco Share.

Mike Hatfield did a great job of taking my original code and re-working it to shift most of the logic to client-side JS where it should be, as well as adding some funky scoping stuff using a couple of YUI controls.

The resulting code that we demonstrated ourselves in Madrid, and which others showed in other locations has been posted under the Meetups Worldwide space on (free login required) as a ZIP file. Also in the bundle is an example of how to extend the Document Library actions in Share with your own custom action.

For the latest version of the dashlet, however, you'll need to head over to the site tags dashlet page. Version 0.1.1 contains a couple of extra lines to sort the tags into alphabetical order before they're displayed - more consistent with other tag clouds I'm told - and the code has also been back-ported to Alfresco 3.1 because a few people asked for this.

The subject of porting dashlets between v3.1 and v3.2 is another topic in itself, as the pattern used to define JS modules in the latest version has improved substantially. I'll try post more on this soon.
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