Smart Content Migration using Apache ManifoldCF

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Smart Content Migration using Apache ManifoldCF

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If you are interested to migrate contents into your Alfresco repository and you have to get contents from different data sources, you may be interested to see my session held with my friend Luis Cabaceira during the last Alfresco DevCon 2018 in Lisbon.

The title of our session is Smart Content Migration using Apache ManifoldCF and we have described two different scenarios based on a pretty new capability that we are adding: content migration!

This will make easier content migration needs for any ECM architect or developer involved in migration for federating different silos / repositories into an Alfresco platform. We have implemented these two new connectors:

  • CMIS Output Connector (presented by me)
  • Alfresco BFSI Output Connector (presented by Luis)


CMIS Output Connector allows to migrate contents from any repositories supported by ManifoldCF: from SharePoint, Documentum to FileNet and so on to any CMIS-compliant repo such as Alfresco Smiley Happy

Alfresco BFSI Output Connector allows to get contents from any repo and it will create the standard structure on file system to allow Alfresco importing contents using the BFSI tool. This is absolutely amazing in terms of performance!

Migration architecture of the new Content Migration included in Apache ManifoldCF

Try by yourself the new connectors for Content Migration (beta)

Please consider that all the material shown during the session is related to a development sprint that we have to complete and you will not find yet this new features inside the stable release of ManifoldCF.

Anyway you can try these new connectors building from the related branch:

CMIS Output Connector

JIRA issue:
Source code:

Alfresco BFSI Output Connector

JIRA issue:
Source code:

Stay in touch with us in the ManifoldCF Community

If you are interested in our work, also if you want to contribute , please consider to stay in touch with us subscribing our mailing lists or entering in our chatroom to follow the development of Apache ManifoldCF, below all the references:

Web Forums / Mailing lists

Classic Mailing list

HipChat Public Room

A complete article about my involvement during Alfresco DevCon 2018 can be found on my website.

If you need a quote about design and implementation of migration projects, please contact us.

We are looking forward to talk with you to understand how we can help you here in TAI Solutions.

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Solution Architect AIIM Professional Member Certified Alfresco Instructor / ACE / ACA Mentor, PMC Member and Committer @ Apache Software Foundation Author @ Packt Publishing Project Leader @ JBoss Community