Spring Surf and OpenCMIS Integration Part 2

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Spring Surf and OpenCMIS Integration Part 2

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Back in March I wrote about a prototype integration between Spring Surf and OpenCMIS.

Spring Surf provides a scriptable approach to building web applications. OpenCMIS provides a Java client library for accessing any CMIS compliant content repository. By combining the two, we create a development platform for building CMIS enabled web applications.

Since that time, several enhancements have been made to the integration and also to the sample CMIS Browser web application.

In the video below, new CMIS Browser features are demonstrated such as property, relationship and rendition views, query invocation and support for connecting to multiple repositories at once. These features are shown against both Alfresco and IBM repositories at the same time.

[youtube 5XZwge_Zulc]

Note: Select the HD version of the videos for a clear view of the text.

This is followed by a brief walkthrough of the CMIS Browser code changes required to support the above features.

[youtube 7pk1xKFT8iw]

Note: Select the HD version of the videos for a clear view of the text.

The Spring Surf and OpenCMIS integration is “a work in progress” with code still under development. Feedback is welcome.
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Very impressive!

Is there a pagination feature, so that directories with thousands of files show up 50 by 50 with 'Next' and 'Previous' links?

By any chance, do you know if anybody has started working on a Struts2-based OpenCMIS explorer? It would be more familiar to companies for integration into existing portals.

For those looking, the source is here: https://anonsvn.springframework.org/svn/se-surf/branches/DEV_CMIS_2/spring-cmis/

Keep up the great work!

Nicolas Raoul
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Thanks Nicolas. All CMIS services that return a collection of items support pagination including getChildren. So, it's possible to support paging links to browse a directory of thousands of files. The CMIS Browser just doesn't implement this, although it does retrieve the children in batches, to allow the progressive display of them in the browser.

I don't know of anyone working on a Struts2 based OpenCMIS explorer, but I doubt it's too hard to port the Spring Surf version to Struts2.
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Struts2CmisExplorer is open source and available at http://code.google.com/p/struts2cmisexplorer/.
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Great demo and great work!!! I noticed that for your IBM FileNet P8 connector you were using version 4.5.1. Are you using a developer preview of IBM's CMIS services? I thought P8 v5.0 is the first version to officially support CMIS.

Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated since I was planning to do exactly the same thing as you to smooth the migration for our custom applications to P8 v5.0
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wrt to the IBM repository, i had access to a preview build, which wasn't publicly available.