Web Script features you may not know about...

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Web Script features you may not know about...

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We at Alfresco often shout about the great new capabilities we add to the product e.g. Share, SURF, SPP. But we also continue to make minor improvements to existing parts.

For example, did you know that the Web Script framework gained over 10 new features in the release of Alfresco v3 ranging from 'Content Negotiation' support to JAX-RS compliant URI templates, most of which are driven by our CMIS implementation.

Perhaps the most hidden feature is the complete refactor of the framework to allow it to exist outside of the Alfresco Repository. Web Scripts can now be hosted stand-alone in Portals, SURF etc. Although completely refactored, all existing Web Scripts continue to work without modification.

The list of new Web Script features and documentation for each can be found on our WIKI.