What's new in RM 2.1? (Part 1)

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What's new in RM 2.1? (Part 1)

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In-Place Record Declaration

In Alfresco Records Management Module v2.1 it is possible to declare any document as a record from within a share collaboration site.

Declare As Record Action



The advantages of declaring records in-place include:

  • The content authoring environment is isolated from the records management environment.

  • There is little or no impact on the way users work with their content.

  • Users do not need to understand the details of the records management working practices.

  • Declared records are still available to users within their authoring environment, but the records management team has full control.

Once a document is declared as a record the user will see a change both visually and in the actions available.

Declared In-Place Record


The capabilities and permissions that the content user has on the newly declared record are automatically calculated by the records management services and reflect the users original read or write permissions on the document. These permissions and capabilities are selective and provide the user a restricted view of the record and parts of the file plan.

No upfront configuration or mapping is required from the collaboration sites to the file plan.  This ensures setup and management is simple and knowledge domains remain discrete.

Once declared the record enters the file plan, whilst retaining it's position in the authoring taxonomy.  From the file plan the records management team can file, request information, complete and finally cut off the record ready for disposition.

Unfiled Record

When the content user no longer wishes to see the declared record in their content authoring environment they can use the hide action to relinquish their view.  The record is then only visible to the records management team.

Alfresco content rules can be used to automate record declaration and further simplify the users working environment.  A topic we will cover in part 2.

For more information or to request a live demo of Alfresco Records Management module v2.1 visit http://www.alfresco.com/easyRM