Why are you choosing Alfresco as an Open Source solution?

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Why are you choosing Alfresco as an Open Source solution?

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Have you ever stop to think about why you, as a Company, decided to adopt Alfresco as an Open Source solution?

There are many reasons why organizations choose Open Source technologies such as Alfresco. We would like to better understand from your perspective and your organization context, the reasons for choosing a particular Alfresco Edition and your experience so far.

Your participation will help us better understand what is important to you in choosing our products and what can help you more to support that decision after the adoption. This survey is targeting organizations using Alfresco Community or Enterprise Editions in their internal or collaboration projects. This time the survey is less for "System Integrators" and more for "Companies adopting Alfresco".

It should not take too much time to complete the survey and you can choose to discuss with us further, should you wish to.

Click now the link below to start sharing your experience with us.


Thank you in advance for the time that you will dedicate to this survey.

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