Why we took AddOns down - and whats happening next

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Why we took AddOns down - and whats happening next

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We’ve received your feedback since we took the AddOns site offline on May 25th and I can appreciate people’s disappointment in seeing this resource being seemingly taken away, especially for those Community members who’d worked hard on creating AddOns.

I wanted to pause and answer to some of the questions that have come up in the community since:

Why did we take the site offline?

During an internal audit of all of our sites and systems ahead of GDPR we found out that there were some serious problems with the AddOns site security. The AddOns site stored personally identifiable information and with GDPR compliance looming, we took the difficult decision to take the site offline.

What we’re doing now

In the next 5-10 days, we’re going to create a version of the AddOns directory inside of the existing Alfresco Community website and import the previous add-ons to that space. Kristen Gastaldo is working on that, so expect to see some content in the next few days.

What we’re doing in the future

We’re currently gaining momentum internally on building what is next for an Alfresco AddOns / Extensions directory and we’d like to hear from you on how we can make it bigger and better than the AddOns site that went before.

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