5.2 CE - How to upgrade PDF.js version?

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5.2 CE - How to upgrade PDF.js version?

Hi All

We are running Alfresco 5.2 Community, hosted on an Ubuntu server.  We are using the embedded default PDF.js viewer, which I understand is version 1.10.100. Many of our PDF files don't render properly in this. We want to upgrade the viewer to version 2.5. Is this possible? If so, what are the required steps?



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Re: 5.2 CE - How to upgrade PDF.js version?

Locate the existing PDF.js files within your Alfresco installation. You'll likely find them in the "webapps" directory. Replace the old files with the new version 2.5 files. Pay attention to preserving any customizations you might have made. Alfresco might have configuration files that reference the PDF.js viewer. Update these references to point to the new version's files. This could involve changes in XML configuration files or properties files. Thoroughly test the upgraded PDF.js viewer with different types of PDF files to ensure that rendering issues are resolved. Check for compatibility with your Alfresco version and other components.

Please note that this is a general overview, and specific steps may vary depending on your Alfresco installation and environment. Due to the complexity involved in modifying core components of Alfresco, it's recommended to consult Alfresco's official documentation, seek guidance from Alfresco community forums, or consider involving experienced Alfresco developers or consultants. Additionally, perform these changes in a test environment before applying them to your production instance.