A few questions about workflows

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A few questions about workflows

Hi guys, how is it going

Have a couple of questions that came up when using Alfresco

1) Can a workflow be predetermined (eg: management -secretary-directors-secretary-management), and also assign a group signing order, for example first to sign public group then private group?

2) Is there a way that once the workflow is completed it can be closed and cannot be reassigned again?

3) Can it be assigned to two or three people who can see all the workflows and tasks (both active and completed), so that if they call by phone those people can give an answer on what the file looks like?

I hope the questions are understood.


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Re: A few questions about workflows


1) Yes.You can create custom workflow where you can specify order with group(user) name for approval process.

2)Completed workflow can not re-assign(By default feature)

3)IT is depend on scenarion.if you want all the involved people can take action then you need to design that way.