Access between Alfresco and OnlyOffice Docs server

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Access between Alfresco and OnlyOffice Docs server


We have a problem opening a document in the browser with OnlyOfficeDocs, seems like it has some access right problems.

We are using KeyCloak to logon to our Intranet, mail system and files solution Alfresco. Everything is fine here. The problem start with trying to implement a OnlyOfficeDocs server, to edit documents directly in the browser in Alfresco. I am getting a error, saying I have to check my network connection.
But with what I am seeing, it looks like that the OnlyOffice server is not allowed to access Alfresco, and a login page is open in the document.

Skærmbillede 2023-03-07 kl. 09.43.16.png

The Secret Key have been set up and should be fine. There was a problem with not been allowed to add the key in the Admin Console, but was added in global settings via a terminal. And that part is fine now.

We are running Alfresco Community Edition 5.2 and is on the latest OnlyOfficeDocs 7.3.
There is no firewall blocking between the servers.

Another issue we are having, is that no matter what document I am opening, OnlyOffice is saying that the content is Docx and the extension is wrong. So I can only open Docx documents, without getting this error message.

Hope someone could spread light on what could have gone wrong or missing?

Best Regards

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Re: Access between Alfresco and OnlyOffice Docs server

You may check this configuration sample, to verify every property value is in place:

Hyland Developer Evangelist