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Re: Access to this file was denied

Hi @afaust@fedorow@aktavian,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you on this sensitive issue. The Alfresco official policy is as follows:

Alfresco has currently decided to restrict downloads from the Ukraine.   We realize this is a complex issue.  The difficulty originates in the decision of the US to impose sanctions on companies doing business with one side as a response to the conflict in the region. Unfortunately, as a company we do not have currently the resources to do individual checks on downloads from the Ukraine.  Therefore, we have decided to instead institute a blanket ban on all downloads from the Ukraine (extending  to the whole of the country and not just the disputed regions).  We have researched this issue and will continue to do so.  And, we will communicate any change in our policy, as we realize the regulations around trading in this region are complex, obscure, fluid and at time difficult to navigate – having real impacts on individuals who live there.   But, at this time, we feel a cautious approach is best (as many other companies have also determined as well.)


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Re: Access to this file was denied

Thank you, I really appreciate Axel for the comprehensive comment and Eddie for the clear answer.