ACS 6.x without Docker?

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Member II

ACS 6.x without Docker?

Hi all.

I'm getting desperate to get 6.2 up and running.
The structure is awkward to me and I don't have the time besides my job to learn a completely new environment. Also Docker makes no sense for me since I work on VMs.

Question: Can I upgrade from 5.2 to 6.x without Docker?

Besides the standard functionalities, I need Records Management and REST.

Is it true that the workflow functions of 5.2 don't work in 6.2 anymore?

Frustrated, Sascha

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Member II

Re: ACS 6.x without Docker?

I found the description.

Will try my self.

Thank you.

Alfresco Employee

Re: ACS 6.x without Docker?

If you have a running 5.2 environment, you can upgrade to 6.2 using the same infrastructure and artifacts.

REST is a standard functionality, while you need to install Records Management from

Workflows (simple and complex) work in 6.2 in the same way they did in 5.2


Hyland Developer Evangelist