ACS 7.0 Community Edition and SDK Version

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ACS 7.0 Community Edition and SDK Version


I am trying out community edition 7.0. 

For customizing I am trying to generate maven project as given the documentation using the following command

> mvn archetype-generate -Dfilter=org.alfresco:

I chose option 11 -> aio project (platform with share, solr, transform etc.,)

Version options are limited upto 3.x.

1) Why SDK 4.x are not listed

2) Can I do the customising with SDK 3.x for ACS 7.0 Community

Thanks & Regards

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Re: ACS 7.0 Community Edition and SDK Version

If you are using a Maven mirror / proxy (e.g. a Nexus as a proxy for Maven Central / Alfresco Artifacts), then it could be that you have an issue with a cached archetype catalog. The mirror / proxy scans any repositories backing it and builds a local, aggregated archetype catalog. If the mirror / proxy does not automatically re-scan those repositories, that catalog can get out-of-date and not expose the newer versions of the SDK. I myself had this problem with my local Nexus proxy that I use to cache most dependencies, and had to manually tell my Nexus to re-index all the backing repositories, and afterwards the local catalog worked fine so that I could select the expected SDK version.