ACS 7.1 deployed on Docker Desktop keeps loosing database

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ACS 7.1 deployed on Docker Desktop keeps loosing database


I have used a base 7.1 docker compose from github and changed it per the needs of a training course I was taking. However, during the process of setting this up and even after the training, I have ended up with blank system multiple times. What I mean by that is that I have lost content/folders/models created as part of the training. The biggest indicator that I have lost the DB data is that the alfresco container startup suddenly reports that the system is only licensed for 2 days (the base number of days of licensing). At this point, I have applied the license file at least 5 times over the last few weeks.

After following some other posts, I finally added volume mappings to my docker compose YAML file. I also had trouble with this because the postgres container didn't like the mapping on the c drive of my machine. I ended up mapping it to an arbitrary path on what I suppose is a path on the underlying docker container and that allowed it to work without issues for a couple of days. For the volume mapping for the alfresco container, I can clearly see content files being created on the host path.

However, as of today, I again have the base system and have lost all configs and content I had created over the past few days. Following are the volume mappings I have in the compose file:

image: acs-platform-jsconsole:latest #(from FROM with JS console)
- /c/temp/alfresco-system-persistent-data/data/alf-repo-data:/usr/local/tomcat/alf_data
- /c/temp/alfresco-system-persistent-data/logs/alfresco:/usr/local/tomcat/logs

image: postgres:13.3
- /random/alfresco-system-persistent-data/data/alf-postgres-data:/var/lib/postgresql/data
- /random/alfresco-system-persistent-data/logs/alf-postgres:/var/log/postgresql

I would really like to know what I am doing wrong and how can I successfully get the DB data to persist.

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Re: ACS 7.1 deployed on Docker Desktop keeps loosing database

You may check this project:

It will allow you to understand all the volumes required to persist Alfresco information.

Hyland Developer Evangelist