ACS and ADF process components and document workflows.

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ACS and ADF process components and document workflows.

I have recentry started to use Alfresco ACA 2.0.1 and Alfresco ADF 4.0 to handle  an ACS Server 6.2.

I Was thinking on create some Workflows to hande Document validation process so my first thought was that It would require the use of ADF Process Components to handle my custom document validation process. A collections of questions comes up when I started to read about ADF Process components:

In one hand to use ADF process components i guest I will need some extra Alfresco componens not just the ones on I guest it require Alfresco APS and may be , Alfresco Activiti ¿Is that right?

On the other hand ACS api REST contains some Workflow methods that can be found on the API explorer
Alfresco Content Services REST API
Workflow API
Provides access to the workflow features of Alfresco Content Services.

get /deployments
delete /deployments/{deploymentId}
get /deployments/{deploymentId}


I guest this Workflows API has nothing to see with the ADF process components And if someone want to use it has make it be simple API REEST request and generate custom components to integrate it in the ACA App interface.
Are my guessing right?
ACS comes with some predefined Process Is it possible to add new process to Alfresco ACS Workflows (I see no options in the API REST)?

Any recomendation about integrating validation workflows for documento on an Alfresco ACA app are wellcome.


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Re: ACS and ADF process components and document workflows.

I Will answer my self. After reading for a while my conclusions are:

1.- Alfresco ACS comes with an integranted versión of  Alfresco process engine. As reported in

2.- Alfresco ACS workflow facilites can be handled using Alfresco REST API that include a limited set of functions not including new process definitions deployment. Process definitions may be handled using Alfresco workflow console available on admin console.

3.- ADF process components can not be used on ACS Server. It is requiered a APS Server or Activiti on a community deployment.

Can anyone provide extra info or confirm my conclusions?