ACS and Share on EKS

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ACS and Share on EKS

Hi Everyone,

We are deploying alfresco ACS and share on EKS(kubernetes, aws) and I was wondering sometings.

Here our setup.

  • ACS and share are on separate pods
  • Clustering is disable
  • We are using S3 connector
  • An EFS for alfr_data
  • Load balancer for share so that user are bind to one share instance

The probleme I have is when I scale ACS to more than 1 replica, during login in share I have "Unable to retrieve user from repository " but if I refresh the page everthing is good and work correctly until my next login.

I was wondering, is it possible this bug is caused because clustering is not enabled ? Or is there something special to do when share and acs are not on the same "node/server" ?

We have a load balancer with session/cookie for share pod so that a user is bind to one share instance. Does every share instance need to have a session/bind to one acs instance ?

Thanks you for your time.



Stacktrace :

2024-03-25T13:48:49,744 [] ERROR [] [http-nio-8080-exec-9]  jakarta.servlet.ServletException: Request processing failed: Unable to retrieve user from repository Unable to retrieve user from repository
	at ~[spring-surf-9.0.jar:9.0]
	at ~[classes/:]
	at ~[spring-surf-9.0.jar:9.0]
	at ~[spring-surf-9.0.jar:9.0]
	at ~[spring-surf-9.0.jar:9.0]
	at ~[spring-surf-9.0.jar:9.0]
	at ~[spring-surf-9.0.jar:9.0]
	at ~[spring-surf-9.0.jar:9.0]