ACS community 7 : problem with searching LDAP user with people API

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ACS community 7 : problem with searching LDAP user with people API


I have installed Alfresco Community 7 with ansible. I have configured Alfresco to import user from my LDAP server. All work fine... hum not all.

I can't see all users when I use "Search People" from Alfresco. I type one letter (e.g.: "c") and it does not return any user although I have almost 10 users whose lastname starts with C

In order to investigate I use the url 


This display only 5 users. 

Then I add &filter= 


 It displays all my users including those whose start with letter C..

But when I use this URL 


It doesn't displays any user so the panel "Search People" (which use the above url) can't find my user and I can't add them to a site either.. I didn't find anything about this in the release note for ACS Community 7. 

In the solr console there is no apparent error..

Is there any problem with this API ?

Yours sincerely