ACS failure with MariaDB

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ACS failure with MariaDB

Has anyone got ACS talking to MariaDB, using a current (3.0+) MariaDB connector? The most recent connector at the MariaDB site is mariadb-java-client-3.2.0.jar.

This almost works, and ACS creates a lot of tables. However, it doesn't create alfresco.alf_bootstrap_lock, and the bootstrap eventually fails:

[ WARN] (main) Error: 1146-42S02: Table 'alfresco.alf_bootstrap_lock' doesn't exist
org.alfresco.error.AlfrescoRuntimeException: 09060000 Bootstrap failed ... Caused by: org.springframework.jdbc.BadSqlGrammarException: ### Error querying database. Cause: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: (conn=93) invalid fetch size ### The error may exist in alfresco/ibatis/#resource.dialect#/node-select-children-SqlMap.xml ### The error may involve ### The error occurred while executing a query ### SQL: select as id, as parentNodeId, parentNode.version as parentNodeVersion, parentStore.protocol as parentNodeProtocol, parentStore.identifier as parentNodeIdentifier, parentNode.uuid as parentNodeUuid, as childNodeId, childNode.version as childNodeVersion, childStore.protocol as childNodeProtocol, childStore.identifier as childNodeIdentifier, childNode.uuid as childNodeUuid, assoc.type_qname_id as type_qname_id, assoc.child_node_name_crc as child_node_name_crc, assoc.child_node_name as child_node_name, assoc.qname_ns_id as qname_ns_id, assoc.qname_localname as qname_localname, assoc.is_primary as is_primary, assoc.assoc_index as assoc_index from alf_child_assoc assoc join alf_node parentNode on ( = assoc.parent_node_id) join alf_store parentStore on ( = parentNode.store_id) join alf_node childNode on ( = assoc.child_node_id) left join alf_store childStore on ( = childNode.store_id) where = ? and assoc.qname_crc = ? and assoc.qname_ns_id = ? and assoc.qname_localname = ? and 1=1 order by assoc.assoc_index ASC, ASC ### Cause: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: (conn=93) invalid fetch size ; bad SQL grammar []; nested exception is java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: (conn=93) invalid fetch size

This issue indicates that ACS is incorrectly working around a MySQL bug which does not apply to MariaDB. It seems that a work-around for ACS would be to drop back to a v2 connector, but I wanted to ask here first.

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Re: ACS failure with MariaDB

I guess you're right.

I was able to reproduce the issue with version 3.2.0, that is fixed when using MariaDB Java Client 2.7.10:

Hyland Developer Evangelist